SOLIDWORKS – Linear Pattern and Circular Pattern

This video will take us through the basic pattern feature in SOLIDWORKS. We will look at Linear Pattern and Circular Pattern.
We can pattern at most in two direction within one pattern feature, we can use spacing and instances to control our pattern or use a Reference Point/edge. We can also limit the pattern to only project the seed feature.
In circular pattern, an axis must be available to act as the axis of pattern. This can be created in Reference Geometry when needed.
Any changes made to the seed feature will be projected onto the patterned features once the pattern has been applied, making it even easier for users to change sizes of these pattern.
If the dimension of these features were to change, consideration must be taken when creating pattern. For example, if the first row of feature will have the same dimension at all times, whereas the second row will have a varying dimension in different configurations. Then the first row has to be a Pattern Feature on its own, and the second row will have a Pattern Feature on its own. This way, any dimension change in the second row will not affect the first row.