SolidWorks Inspection

Solidworks inspection is a powerful productivity tool for generating inspection reports.


Drawings often contains many characteristics that require zooming.


Even one relatively simple like this flange layout.


Image 1

To help you save time in selecting characteristics in the tray a new zoom into selection option is added.


Image 2

Now you can instantly zoom in to the required characteristic without wasting time manually searching the characteristic.


Image 3

Image 4

Exporting your solidworks inspection project is now easy and quicker it saves the file in just one click and then you can open the file from your hard disk using any standard application.


Image 5

Image 6

To even make changes, or to record measurements directly in the project.


Now in solidworks inspection 2016, using the optical character recognition generates a far greater accuracy.


Image 7

When opening a project in solidworks standard application, it’s no longer necessary to having to provide the size in order to have the color coding of the characteristics after importing data.


Image 8

For example importing the result of CMM analysis, using color coding, all the other characteristics are identified with no extra work required.


Image 9

With these tasks completes solidworks automatically generates inspection sheet in Microsoft excel using predefined templates.


Now in inspection 2016 you can create horizontal report in addition to vertical ones ensuring the reports meet your exact requirements without having to work on time consuming tasks.


Image 10 Image 11

Many companies use online quality systems to analyze process capability and track supply chain.


Image 12

In solidworks inspection 2016, you can now export your inspection report, directly to online quality systems.


Choose the current project and login with your credentials.


Image 13

Each inspection project can contain many project properties, however in previous versions only one property was available for one project.


For example, part no. this meant having to type in any of the custom properties which could be very time consuming.


Image 14

Now in solidworks 2016, you can use the OCR tool to capture any property enabling you to instantly extract any available property.


Image 15

OCR uses dictionary to read and extract information.


Image 16

OCR does an excellent job for good quality drawings.


The accuracy will drop significantly if the resolution is low, or if the font is not recognized.


Image 17

In solidworks inspection 2016 you can now create custom dictionary based on any specific font or characters.


If required individual characters can be added to the dictionary.


For example the diameter symbol in the drawing, simply box select the drawing and select the character and add it to the dictionary.


With a dictionary saved, return to your inspection project and the custom dictionary can be added to the project setup using the project options.


With the custom dictionary now added to the new project it captures correctly all the dimensions and markings enabling you to capture the entire drawing.


This automatically saves time from creating inspection reports for pdf files.


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