SOLIDWORKS Import diagnostics

SOLIDWORKS import diagnostics is a special feature that helps diagnose imported components. It helps heal surfaces and parts based on imported curves when the parts are not complete.

In this tutorial, we will be going through how to use this feature to detect faults in imported parts and subsequently heal them.

Begin by opening a part that requires users to import its sketches and curves.


Looking at the impeller model above, we see that it requires users to import the curves. This presents a unique opportunity to make use of the import diagnostics tool.

The tool is located under tools tab or in the evaluate tab. You can also access it by searching it in the command window.


A window is pulled up in the feature manager tree that lets you know of the faulty faces and of the faulty gaps between the faces. As shown below, this particular part has no faulty faces and gaps in between the faces.


There are some cases however where faulty faces are present and may require you to heal these features.

SOLIDWORKS Import diagnostics is able to heal these defects with ease by simply clicking on attempt to heal all faces and gaps in the advanced section as shown.



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