Tutorial- Using FloXpress in Solidworks

Solidworks FloXpress is a feature inside Solidworks that allows a designer simulate flow of fluids through a model. Based on the results of the simulation the designer. can then make modifications to improve flow through the model.

I went with a C-D Nozzle geometry for this demonstration.


We need to first create the lids for the two ends before we begin the simulation.

SolidWorks FloXpress

Once we have created the lids we can then proceed to begin the simulation. The Solidworks FloXpress icon is located under the evaluate tab.

SolidWorks FloXpres

The FloXpress wizard has a procedural sequence that enables the user maneuver through the simulation with ease and comprehensively understand the simulation. The first step is to ensure that the model has no openings (fully closed with lids).

Next we choose the fluid that would flow through the model.

SolidWorks FloXpress

Next we define the inlet boundary conditions. The inlet conditions can be defined in terms of pressure, volume flow rate or mass flow rate.

SolidWorks FloXpress
We then define the outlet conditions in terms of atmospheric pressure.

SolidWorks FloXpress
The next step is to solve the model.

SolidWorks FloXpress

From the results window you can simulate the trajectory of fluid particles as they move through the model.                    This simulations can be done using either pipes or bubbles.

SolidWorks FloXpress

SolidWorks FloXpress

You can also choose to generate a report from the FloXpress simulation by simply clicking on the generate report icon at the bottom of the results tab.
A sample report is like the one shown below

SOLIDWORKS FloXpress Report

SOLIDWORKS FloXpress is a first pass qualitative flow analysis tool which gives insight into water or air flow inside your SOLIDWORKS model. To get more quantitative results like pressure drop, flow rate etc you will have to use SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation. Please visit www.solidworks.com to learn more about the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation.
Model Name: Nozzle1.SLDPRT
Inlet Volume Flow 1
Environment Pressure 1

solidflow express

From the report we can obtain properties such as maximum flow velocity. The boundary conditions are also clearly described in the report.

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