Solidwork 2016-Using DFM Xpress Feature

The Solidworks design for create feature inspect whether a part is Manufacturable saving on time and costs that may be obtain during fabrication if the part is not machinable. Solidworks DFM is able to identify numerous precarious features ranging from milling features like pockets and slots to injection molding features such as draft. Draft as we noted in the molding tutorial promote easier and faster removal of the mold from the cavity.
I will do multiple demonstrations using parts I have in my library to show this capability inside Solidworks. The divergent parts will have different problematic areas though some may turn out to be Machinable because of their simplicity.

solidworks dfm

Going with the above flange part created in a previous tutorial it is clear that due to its simple nature we are bound to find it manufacturable. The DFM express tool is located under the tools tab.
solidworks dfm

The DFM feature interface is simple and the first tab that is pulled up once you run the feature explains the features’ capability. All the designer needs to do is run the feature and it automatically determines the problematic areas based off some set of rules.

solidworks dfm

solidworks dfm

As predicted there is no problematic sections and we can see that all the features of the part conform to the set of rules.
If we ran the analysis based off bike frame shown below.

solidworks dfm

Onfunctioning the analysis we expect multiple problematic areas since the part is based off weldments and cannot be machined directly say on a milling machine.
solidworks dfm26

I ran the above feature based on milling guidelines. You can change these guidelines in the settings window depending on how your part is going to be machined.
solidworks dfm27

There are only four produce process to choose from.

  • Mill/Drill only
  • Turn with Mill drill
  • Sheet Metal
  • Injection Molding

From this options you can set the feature to validate the manufacturability of the part with regards to the manufacturing process. You can also tweak with the general guidelines by adjusting the different parameters for the test.
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