SOLIDWORKS cut with surface feature

The SOLIDWORKS cut with surface feature comes in handy when we want to use a surface as a cutting plane. This is especially useful when a complex cutting plane is required.

The cut with surface feature allows the creation of complex solid bodies easily. The following steps should guide users in utilizing this feature in SOLIDWORKS.

Begin by creating a new part inside SOLIDWORKS.


Move to the sketch tab and click on create a new sketch on the top plane.

On this top plane create a square sketch as shown and extrude it through 100mm using the extrude command.


This forms the solid body which can be cut using the complex surface.

To create this surface simply click on sketch and select the front plane. On this plane draw a line sketch of what you would like your plane to look like.

Say your line sketch took the complex shape shown below.

Move to the surface tab and select the surface extrude command.


Extrude this surface over 120mm.


You are now good to go.You can access the cut with surface tool in the surface tab or by looking it up in the command window. Running the tool pulls up the window below.


The surface cut parameters lets you select the cutting surface. Changing the directions alter the orientation of the cut to either cut the part below or above the surface.

The final piece looks like the one below.