SOLIDWORKS 2018 PDF templates

The final deliverables to a production Engineer for a given product are normally the 2D drawing of a component in PDF format. SOLIDWORKS 2018 has made great improvements to the PDF templates by doing a complete overhaul of previous templates, with the available templates now supporting more information display including PMI of parts. 3D parts and configurations can be viewed together with their product information using the new PDF templates in SOLIDWORKS 2018. The new PDF templates look more professional and also allow greater interaction.

Solidworks 2018 PDF templates

These PDF templates allow the designer to publish notes, including G tolerance characters, directly onto the text field of the PDF template. You can switch between the available 3D views in the thumbnail section at the bottom.

Solidworks 2018 PDF templates

Clicking on the different 3D views changes the display of the part as shown.

Solidworks 2018 PDF templates

The Play button on the right of the thumbnail allows the designer to play through the different view configurations bringing the entire design to life.

Solidworks 2018 PDF templatesThe product information changes with the different configurations as you play through the animation thus giving more accurate information about the product family. SOLIDWORKS 2018 has gone a long way in improving the user interface and enabling faster and better displays of products and their manufacturing information.

You can now do much more with SOLIDWORKS 2018 MBD in conjunction with the new SOLIDWORKS PDF templates.


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