The belt and chain feature in solidworks is used to model a mostly pulley systems or connection in the cranksets of bicycles and crankshaft of motorcycles etc. in this article we would be going through the step required to complete insertion on a

belt/chain in your model.

First as always you are to model your system parts in the single component section in solidworks, because this feature can only be found in the assembly section of solidworks.
Upon completing your assembly and set to add the feature to your model, looking on the top menu bar you can locate the assembly feature button clicking on this drops down a menu where you can find the belt/chain feature.


Clicking on it and selecting the different circles in which the belt is to connect would produce an image such as the one below on your model.

This show the path in which the belt would be formed, by moving the arrow you would be able alternate the face the belt would be on.
In the belt properties box you should check the boxes to be able to create a sketch in which the belt would be formed from

Upon accepting this feature you have to find this feature on the left menu barhj3




Clicking on it expands the feature into two subsections on of which is the sketch and the other a belt as a single component, selecting the belt would show all the various parts tracking down to the sketchj6


Right clicking on it and selecting edit feature
Going back to the top menu and selecting extrude boss would create an extrude of the shape but not a belt. To achieve this you would have to go to the extrude boss properties and add some featurehj7






Check the thin feature box in the properties would allow you choose the thickness of the belt and changing the values in the direction box would increase the width of the blethj8

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