A Tip On Simulation enhancements

Solidworks 2016 comes with enhancements in simulation tool.

In this version simulation results in better mesh quality which increases the ease with which user simulates the model.


Image 1

In the side release clip it is important to verify the performance of the clip’s insertion and release operation.


Image 2

Performing operation in solidworks 2016, is a breeze with new features, the fixture that inserts the clip, pushes it over half a second, holds the clip in the insert position briefly and pulls it back out at the final quarter second.


Image 3

This graph represents the motion of clip.


Image 4

Image 5

The fixture that is presses in the side relief only needs to be active after insertion and until it starts to be pulled out.


Image 6

The ability to turn the feature on or off at specific times makes this operation easy.


The benefit of the sequencing is that the calculated loads are active for the entire operation, and now artificial stresses are introduced.


Image 7

In animation, we can see the insertion, the side clip then pressed in, and then finally the clip being pulled out.


Image 8

Image 9

Image 10

This part is used in the robotic arm which is used to transfer torque from one shaft to another.


It is important that this part has uniformly distributed stress loads.


In solidworks 2016, you now have the ability to section the mesh and provide insight into the internal mesh structure.


Image 11

This ability ensures that you have the desired mesh density.


Image 12

Mesh cross section can also be viewed on result plots using two methods to provide an additional insight.


Image 13

You previously might have a situation where the solidworks simulation solver has given an error message about a model having insufficiently restrained degree of freedom.


Image 14

Previously, finding out where the problem exist is challenging, in solidworks 2016, you now have the added capability of detecting unconstrained degrees of freedom.


Selecting any of the freedom animates the body on the graphics area.


Image 15

Image 16

This gives a clear description of not only what the problem is but also where is it occurring.


You now have the new option to automatically account for edge shell bonding within a certain gap size.


Image 17

These are just 3 of the great simulation enhancements in solidworks 2016 that provide you with more control and greater insight in design performance.


Image 18

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