Running a particle study inside flow simulation

Particle studies are very useful in flow simulation since they can be used to predict the behavior of particles inside a given flow and domain. For example, in a case where a cyclone is used to separate particles from air, a particle study becomes useful in designing an optimal cyclone.

Before we run the particle study we need to set up a Flow Simulation. Looking at the model below, we need to first create lids for its ends.


Move to the command window and create lids. Select the surfaces leading to the openings.


Next, proceed to the Flow Simulation tab and click on the flow simulation wizard.

Go through this wizard setting up your parameter specifications, aspects like the units to be used and the type of fluid under study (air).

Once we’ve done this our fluid domain is set up.

All we need to do now is set up the boundary conditions and run the flow simulation.


Set two of the openings at Environment Pressure. Set the other opening at a volume flow of 0.05m^3/s.

Proceed to run the simulation. Move to the results tab and click on particle studies. Run the wizard.


Select the face for injection of your particles. Also, define the material properties of your particles. Choose your settings as gravity and the default wall condition as ideal deflection.

You can then run the particle studies. To see the resultant trajectory of the particles you can click on show the injection of the particles into the flow.


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