Ribs feature in SolidWorks

Rib is a special type of extruded feature in SolidWorks created from open or closed sketched contours. It adds material of a specified thickness in a specified direction between the contour and an existing part. You can create a rib using single or multiple sketches. You can also create rib features with draft, or select a reference contour to draft.

First create a solid, using extrude feature.

Sketch the profile of rib on the base.

Ribs 1

Select ‘normal to’ view:

Ribs 2

Select the sketch (profile of rib) and go to features-> curves-> split lines.

Ribs 3

select sketch (the profile of rib) a and face  as shown.

Ribs 4

Ribs 5

Click OK. We now have the profile of rib on the curved surface.

Ribs 6

Go to features, select lofted boss

Ribs 7


Ribs 8

Rib in SolidWorks has been created using loft.
Ribs 9

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