Revolve feature in SolidWorks

Revolves add or remove material by revolving one or more profiles around a centerline. You can create revolved boss/bases, revolved cuts, or revolved surfaces. The revolve feature can be a solid, a thin feature, or a surface.


Start sketching on the front plane


image 1 image 2

Sketch the profile curve for your model, and sketch the axis of revolution, note that the axis of revolution should be centerline in nature.
Go to features, click on Revolve Boss/Base:

image 3 image 4

As shown, select the axis of revolution.

image 5

SolidWorks provides many Sub-features, Which makes the software one of the most used designing software worldwide.

In Revolve feature too, you can just drag the angle to set the limit of revolution:

image 6

For better User Experience, SolidWorks provides 3 ways to set the angle, one-direction, Mid-Plane, Two-Direction. When using mid plane, the angle given as the input must be measured from the line passing through the central axis and the profile sketch.


image 7 image 8

Revolve feature is mainly used to model wheels. The thread of tires, including the rim and the shape of alloys, are sketched as profile.

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