Real View Graphics

One important feature in SOLIDWORKS that many users do not know about is the real view graphics feature. They do not know of this feature because it’s all about graphics and improving the display and viewing of your part. One particular advantage of using real view graphics is that it allows you to visualise features that would otherwise not be visible when the feature is not turned on. One such machining feature is the knurl.

The problem with the real view graphics option is that it only turns on if you have a dedicated graphics card on your PC like NVidia graphics. Sadly I don’t have that on my PC but I will take you through how to turn on the feature. The knurl pattern is an example of a pattern that is visible only with the real view graphics feature turned on.

Looking at the bolt shown below,

Real view graphics

If we wanted to include a knurled surface on the upper part of the bolt, then the easiest way would be to insert the pattern onto this face. You can access the knurl pattern from the appearance tab on the right side of the SOLIDWORKS window.

Real view graphicsYou will notice that simply dragging this appearance and dropping it onto the face will not display the pattern. What you are required to do is enable the real view graphics feature, and this will enable you to see the pattern.

Real view graphics

You can access the real view graphics feature by directly searching it on the command window.

Real view graphics

With this enabled, you can now see the knurl pattern.