Projection Curve Tool in SOLIDWORKS

The projection curve tool is used to project a curve from a plane to a surface in SOLIDWORKS. This projected curve can then be extruded or trimmed depending on the purpose of the projection.

How to use the projection curve –

First, we have to start by importing a part into the graphic area or creating a component.

The next step is to create a plane in reference to the surface we would be projecting on. If the surface is flat we can make a plane in reference to the flat surface but if the face is circular we have to create a plane in reference to another plane as the picture below shows.

After making the plane we then create a sketch of any geometry on the new plane.

We then exit the sketch which makes the sketch darker in color.
We can now access the projection curve feature by selecting the feature tab on the command manager.

On the feature toolbar, we click on the curve button which opens a drop down menu of its features. We then select the projection curve tool.

Clicking on it opens the Property Manager.

We then select the sketch to face feature and select the sketch we have made on the plane for the sketch selection and then the surface of the body we would project the profile onto in the surface selection. The preview is shown in the image below.

Accepting the feature gives the result below.

To be able to add any kind of feature to the curve we have to use the convert entity tool. By selecting the sketch tab on the command manager

Next, click on the sketch icon and select 3D sketch

Then select the convert entities icon from the sketch toolbar.

It opens its properties on the feature manager design tree where we select the geometry we have created

Accepting the feature enables us to add other features to the curve we created like the extrusion in the image below


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