Programming a Corner Slot in Camworks

Camworks is an intuitive and highly efficient software that allows generation of NC code for machining complex surface features.

Camworks is very user-friendly allowing the designer to easily define the operations required to generate a certain geometric pattern. From this particular demo, I will be illustrating how you can machine a corner slot in Camworks.

Let’s take the part below as an example.


We begin by defining our machine in CAMWorks.


Next, we create a new mill part setup.


Next, we will create a new 2.5 axis feature and define the parameters for this feature.


In the first dialog, we define the feature type and the initial conditions.



We move to the next dialog where we define our end conditions.


For the end condition, select the top face so that the material is removed up to this point. Once you’ve done this click next then click finish to close this dialog box.

Notice a new operation is added under the mill part setup.

Generate the operation plan then proceed to generate the tool path for the various tool operations.


You can make modification on the tool path by double clicking on the operation and adjusting the operations to suit your requirements.


To save time on your operation plan so as to avoid redefining the operation parameters every time you want to machine a similar kind of slot just right click on the operation under the mill part setup and select the save operation plan.

What this does is it overwrites the current EMF command for generating the slot so that when you choose the EMF tool again, the same kind of operation will be generated.

You can then proceed to run the simulate tool path and observe how you part gets machined.
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