MetaCam for Sheetmetal – Punch CAM

Get off to a flying start with MetaCAM’s capable tool inventory system, and the graphical turret layout editor. The intelligent auto-tool engine with customizable tooling patterns ensures you will seldom have to use interactive tool to tweak results.

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The auto-tooler can pick tools from the tool inventory and create an optimal turret load. Wire joints can be placed automatically based on preset rules and joint tools are used to create clean-breaking tabs. Automatic repositioning and sequencing are integrated into a single-click command that prepares punch tooling for posting to NC code.


  • Automatically Assign Finishing rules such as Wire joints, Corner joints, Stops, Dwells or Chutes.
  • Predefined Wire joints size and locations are used to automatically tab parts during the tooling process.
  • Joints can be easily moved and deleted without ever affecting the associated CAD.
  • Graphical Top Views or Standard Table Views that are color coded by Range of the tools.
  • Drag and Drop support to add tools to a station with easy access to mount angles for a station.
  • Support for Trumpf Style Linear Rail Type Turrets with the corresponding station size for the Trumpf Tooling System.
  • One click Auto Tooler that automatically assigns tooling using the predefined metrics, settings and choices programmed by the user.
  • Punch Inspector that facilitates easy edit of tooling patterns, sequencing direction, finishing rules, nibble pitches.
  • Interactive and Manual Punching capabilities that can quickly assign desired punching patterns to geometry while allowing user to select Tools and Punch Patterns.
  • Easy replication of existing tooling using the Move, Copy, Rotate and Flip feature
  • Simulate and view the Sequencing of the Tools, traverse lines, Clamps and Reposition.
  • Stop, Rewind, and zoom into parts of the sheet to check tooling.
  • Click on tooling to shop you the corresponding line of code or vice versa.
  • Simulation checks for Over travel, Clamp Interference and duplicate punching Calculate Time Study for Parts and sheets that can be used for Costing and Analysis

For more information, download the Punch CAM PDF

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