MetaCam for Sheetmetal – Profile CAM/Laser & Plasma

MetaCAM’s CAM for laser, plasma and water-jet machines helps you get the most out of profile cutting machines. Sophisticated technology tables optimize machine parameters after analyzing parts.



Comprehensive, easy-to-use setup screens and interactive inspectors offer fine control over tooling, while the optimizer has a variety of strategies to reduce process times and cutting costs.


MetaCAM also provides unparalleled support for special machine capabilities (special pierce cycles, switchback cutting, dual-headed machines and loader-unloader systems). Punch/laser combination machines are fully supported, and MetaCAM can automatically decide on the most optimal division of processing between punch and laser.


  • Automatically Tool Up parts and assign cut path to parts with a single mouse click.
  • Each cut condition is color coded for easy visibility and can be edited using the Tooling Inspect
  • Simulate the Tooling process and check Cutting Order, direction and process of the laser head
  • Automatically assign the appropriate cut condition from the Laser Database that corresponds to Etching or Marking
  • Laser Database that holds different cut conditions based on Machine, Material and thickness. Piercing, Edge Control databases are also setup to automatically assign cut conditions based on the size of the part being tooled
  • NC code editor that can save Code to different location. Predefine your network drive locations to automatically save Code to the correct folder.
  • Edit, copy, Paste code and also directly run simulations from the NC code editor. Generate Reports for the NC code with information such as Print Date, Programmer Name, Due Date and any Comments that need to be stored.
  • Automatically assign finishing rules, wire joints, Lead-ins and Lead-outs from predefined settings.
  • Drag Lead ins or pierce points with mouse to change positions.
  • Special Feature to Optimize Pierce Points and reduce traverse times.


For more information, download the Profile CAM Laser & Plasma PDF

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