MetaCam for Sheetmetal – BENDCAM

Working from 3D models designed with MetaCAM’s 3D modeler, or imported from other packages, MetaBend can automatically assign punches and dies, position back-gauges, and compute an optimal bend sequenc



Automatic programming for press-brakes

The interactive graphical tools allow you to customize bend setups, drag and drop back-gauges to different locations and re-sequence the bend operations.

The powerful Bend Overview window shows you the status of the entire press-brake operation at a single glance, and allows centralized control over tooling, gauging and sequencing. You can generate custom setup sheets from the bend module, showing step-by-step thumbnails of bend operation, tool lists and mount diagrams.

  • The bend modules simulation system provides detailed, precise and configurable simulation of the entire press-brake operation. Back gauge movement, ram stroke, part insertion and retraction are all animated.
  • A real-time collision detection system warns you of all potential collisions, while controls allow you to turn various parts of the machine display on or off.

For more information, download the BENDCAM PDF