PhotoView 360 is a SolidWorks add-in that produces photo-realistic renderings of SolidWorks models.PhotoView 360 is available with SolidWorks Professional or SolidWorks Premium.
Image 1
To start rendering using photoview rendering software, make sure that photoview 360 is in active ‘add ins’.
When photoview 360 ‘add in’ is active, another menu toolbar will appear where surface, and other tools like sketch tools are located.
Image 2
This sidebar is used to add appearance to the part.
This sidebar can also be used to define the material for the part.
SolidWorks has provided its users the freedom of dragging and dropping the appearance for the part.
Image 3
For this text tutorial, we will consider this part as an example.
We will apply different appearances, and material to different portions in this part.
We will also apply scene to this part to make it look more realistic.
Image 4
This is how you can just drag and drop the appearance to the portion where you want to apply the effect.
Image 5
This small menu pops up, which asks the user in which features the appearance would be applied.
Image 6
For the middle portion to our part, we will apply maple appearance and select the color for it.
This appearance will be dragged to the portion in our part.
Image 7
In solidworks, there are options to apply illumination to your scene, maping of the appearance, and applying camera to the part.
Mapping of the appearance is the adjustment of the textures which are provided in the appearance.
Image 8
After application of appearance, to all the portions of the part, this is how our example looked.
Now we will apply scene to our part.
Image 9
Go to the scene tab and choose the scene that you want to apply.
Application of scene can be performed by dragging the scene to the surrounding of the part.
Image 10
Now we will apply illumination angles and set the camera in the scene.
Image 11
Go to the lights tab, click on the ‘+’ sign to expand the menu.
Image 12
Go to scene illumination.
Image 13
In scene illumination, you can set the brightness after rendering and reflection factors.
Image 14
Go to the advanced tab to set the angle of rotation of added scene.
Image 15
After illumination values are set, the images are more realistic.
Image 16
To set the floor offset, go to the basic tab.
Floor offset is used when the modelled part looks at a certain height from the base surface.
Image 17
you can set the light’s brightness too.
Image 18
All these variations make your final rendered image more realistic.
Image 19
Final rendered image.
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