Generating high-quality images and animations is a critical capability that can be used to communicate your designs to others.

Photo view 360 gives you the ability to see 3D models as they would appear in real life, and there are several enhancements for SOLIDWORKS 2016.

Image 1

First, the preview window provides a quick real-time reference as to how your render will look and allows you to quickly access changes before performing the final render.

Image 2

The preview window has been enhanced to put a resolution slider at the bottom, sliding it to the right gives a higher quality render preview with a trade-off of taking more time.

In the past, there were instances where the pause button would reset, this is no longer the case, now if the pause button is pressed, the preview window will not render.

Image 3

Image 4

You can see if we rotate the model or add appearances, the preview is static.

The preview window has always been valuable in visualizing the model when changing the scene, for instance, we can change the background as well as the brightness and see the change in the preview window.

Image 5

We can also rotate the environment, which changes how the reflections fall on the model.

Image 6

A new tool introduced for SOLIDWORKS 2016 is the scene illumination proof sheet, upon activation, photo view 360 compiles different parameters like reflection sensitivity, brightness etc. and generates different images with different parameters selected for the rendered model.

Image 7

An increment slider allows you to see larger variations.

Choosing one of the tiles, reset the others to make the chosen tile as the baseline and you can continue to make selections to get your desired result.

Image 8

At any point, you can toggle between the current selection and the original image.

Image 9

Tooltips are available to provide precise values to the settings.

The position of the lights can be visualized and animated as well.

These tiles control the rotation of the HDR environment and is also controlled by the increment.

Image 10

When you are satisfied with the result, hit ok.

Image 11

Another great enhancement is the ability to include motion blur in your animation to simulate the dynamic motion effect to your moving parts.

Image 12

In this example, the SOLIDWORKS motion was used to apply a motor to the shaft of this governor.

First let’s understand how to save the animation in .avi extension.

Image 13

Apply the motor to the shaft and click on save animation, a menu will pop up.

Select the new option of motion blur and input the amount and offset of blur.

Click ok.

Image 14

Rendering the video will take time.

After the video has been saved to hard drive, you can open it using any media playing software.


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