Pattern Enhancements in SolidWorks 2016

Creating and editing pattern feature is now even easier in solidworks 2016.


Image 1

When constructing a linear pattern you can specify more inputs to define the direction.


Image 2

You can now provide more directions by referring to faces.


Cylindrical faces and other curved faces can now also be used as a reference of direction, which is a great time saver while applying pattern to a part with no straight edges.


Like this hand grip:


Menu for pattern feature


Image 3

Image 4

Next we are going to define a pattern in the rear of the hand grip.


Image 5

Image 6

We are creating a variable pattern feature, negative values can now be entered in the patterned table dialog box. If a negative value is entered then the pattern will be formed on the opposite side of the source feature.


Image 7

Image 8

Microsoft excel is used to import various design calculations, excel data can now be imported directly into pattern feature.


Image 9

With solidworks 2016, you can now form complex patterns driven by data from external sources.


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