Overview of selection manager tool in SolidWorks.

The selection manager is a tool in SolidWorks as the name implies, this tool controls what you’re selecting in order to use certain commands when the sketch is too complex to select it simply by clicking the cursor.
The Selection Manager combines and replaces contour and smart selection while offering enhanced selection capability
The Selection Manager is available in loft, sweep, and boundary surface features, and for path mates.

It is usually used in the lofting tools, occasionally used In the sweeping tools and sometimes used when you are creating surfaces.


With the Selection Manager you can:


1.Select edges and sketch entities, which was not possible in smart selection.


2.Select entities across multiple sketches as well as in combination with model edges.


3.Trim and extend open selection sets at both ends, regardless of how you create them.


4.Snap parametric trim points to geometry, so if you modify the geometry, the trim is modified.


5.Use direction manipulators to choose between different solutions that match the current selection tool. Click the manipulators to select the desired loop. In this example with the Select Closed Loop tool, you toggle between two loops and right-click to select the bottom loop.


6.Right-click to accept the selection. If there is enough information to define a solution set, the pointer changes to image 1 .


In order to bring it up, you have got two choices
Either it pops up with the tool (example loft feature) or you can right click and click on selection manager.


image 2


We will understand the different options in selection manager using this sketch.


image 2


Right click on the designing area and click on selection manager.


A menu will pop up,
You can pin this menu b clicking on the ‘pin’ option.


image 4


Closed loop selection


This option only selects closed sketches surface selection like a rectangle or a circle.


Open loop selection


Free select. This free select option is used When you have to select some parts of open loop and some parts of closed loop.
The red cross is to cancel the use of tool, clicking on ok will save the selections to the tool in SolidWorks.


image 5


Click on closed loop selections for now.


image 6


You will see that after clicking on closed loop selection, hovering mouse over the sketch, you can only select the closed loop.


image 7


We are trying to apply surface loft to the sketch.
After selecting the sketch using closed loop, in the loft tool in SoliWorks, selection will be saved as ‘’closed loop<3>’’.


image 8


The selected closed loop.


image 9


Application of loft.


image 10
Now similarly we will use open loop.
Selecting different open loop sketch click ok, the sketch will be saved as open loop<1>, click ok on the loft command property manager.


image 11


selection of an open loop.
Similarly, we can also select the sketch by using free select which can select both open and closed parts of the sketch.


image 12


Selecting using area is similarly used.


image 13


Any area that we are going to select, that will be treated as a surface and will be acts as accordingly.

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