Open pocket and Boss operations in CAMWorks

Numerous machining operations exist within the CAMWorks interface that enables faster and more efficient feature recognition, allowing the designer to quickly determine the appropriate operations to be carried out for a specific part.
For this particular tutorial, I will be distinguishing the difference between an open pocket and a boss operation. We will do a simple part in SOLIDWORKS to enable us to differentiate these two operations.

It is important that your part has multiple extrusions from a datum surface.
To begin, we need to first enable the CAMWorks 2016 add-in in the add-ins drop down menu.


This action loads the CAMWorks 2016 software into SOLIDWORKS, subsequently adding the CAMWorks utilities.
Let us consider a simple part like the one below and we wanted to perform an open pocket operation on the available stock, all we would need to do is define a part’s parameter feature then specify an open pocket operation.






Going ahead to generate the operation and simulate the tool path, we would obtain a feature like the one below.


The Boss operation is, however, different with the results of a coarse strategy shown below.



This operation follows the profile of the part. It is applicable in situations that require cutting out materials from a sheet.
For a part that has multiple extrusions like the one below.



Using the open pocket type feature. Remember to define the island entities (extrusions).





Proceed in generating the toolpath and further simulating the toolpath creates the part as shown above. The boss operation can only be used to work on a single extrusion, mostly in casting to refine a given element of a part. The open pocket operation is, however, more economical, allowing only a single 2-axis feature to be used to machine several elements.

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