Nonlinear dynamic contact

For this particular example, we will take a look at how we can setup a Nonlinear Dynamic Simulation inside SOLIDWORKS.

We are going to use this feature to simulate collision between two bodies and see the stresses generated due to this action. Before we run the simulation, we need to create the two bodies inside SOLIDWORKS.

Next we setup the assembly of the parts as shown. Do constrain the motion of the block in one axis while fixing the stopper.


Then define a surface of contact between the two bodies when they come in contact by using the split line tool.


Before we move to run the study we first need to set the limit of movement of the block. Go to the Move Component icon in the Assembly tab and select collision and check stop at collision.


Notice the block now stops when it gets in contact with the stopper.

Proceed to run the study. Remember to enable the SOLIDWORKS Simulation add-in in order to get access to the study tab.

Click on new study and select Nonlinear Dynamic Study.

Begin the study by defining the materials for the two bodies. We will use alloy steel for this example.

For the contct set select a non penetration constraint between the two faces shown.



Next define an initial condition of the block moving at 10m/s.


Define the fixed geometry as shown above.

For the damping method select Railegh Damping and define the Coefficients as shown.


Define the time for the study and since collision takes over a short time make the time as small as possible.

Next we proceed to run the study and observe the collision.


Looking at the von Mises Stress Plot, we see that the stress is concentrated at the point of contact.

The maximum stress is well below the yield stress of the materials.

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