New Features in SolidWorks 2016

Every year, SolidWorks releases an updated version, the latest software being SolidWorks 2016, has many new features.


Top new features are:


  • 3-D printing enhancements:

Image 1

We can directly transfer data from solidworks to 3D printers. Extensions supported as output in SolidWorks are .stl, .3mf, .amf.


3mf and amf provide more information than stl extension.


Image 2

In solidworks 2016 you can also show striation lines so as to look how your model will look in printed format.


Now we can also scale to fit models within the maximum allowed size.


  • Mesh Sectioning:

Meshes are created to divide the model in to finite number of parts so that finite element analysis can be performed on the model.

Finite element analysis is performed on the model to determine stress and its effects at various points in the model.

Mesh sectioning in new solidworks provides with larger detail in meshing properties.

Not using mesh sectioning:

Image 3

After using mesh sectioning in solidworks 2016.

Image 4

Image 5

With this we can simplify the design validation, improve accuracy and get high quality results.

  • SolidWorks Visualize:

Image 6

To render models faster and more realistic, solidworks now comes with SolidWorks visualize.

This new connection works a seamless workflow between SolidWorks cad and solidworks visualize, enabling photo realistic visualization.

SolidWorks visualize breaks up the process into 5 steps,
a. importing of models.
b. paint i.e. selecting colors.
c. scene.
d. adding or selecting camera.
e. render of model.

Dragging materials to model changes the rendered image very quickly.

Properties of materials can easily be changed.

Additional materials can also be obtained from the online community which contains loads of free professionally made assets.

Just like materials environments are applied just by dragging and dropping environmental scenes to the background. Environment position can be easily changed to get the desired light, shadows and brightness.

These features help to deliver truly photographic images.

Following images were rendered in solidworks 2016:

Image 7

Image 8

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