Modelling a golf ball in SOLIDWORKS

Because of SOLIDWORKS superior modelling techniques, then a number of parts with complex shapes is possible. In this particular tutorial, I will be taking you through how to model a Golf ball in SOLIDWORKS.

First, we need to create the dome-like structure representing the golf ball.

Next, we create one of the golf ball holes with which we will be able to create a pattern of.

Do a revolved cut to create the hole. We then create our reference geometry which would come in handy when creating patterns of the hole.

We now begin creating the linear feature pattern on one side then follow this up with a circular feature pattern of the hole. Let’s begin with the linear pattern.

Move to the features tab and click on a circular pattern. For the feature select the cut revolve feature. Select a separation angle of 15 degrees and 2 iterations with your axis being axis 1 as shown.

Repeat this with angular increments of 15 degrees until you get to 90 degrees. Your final part should look like the one below.

Next, we now do a circular sketch pattern using the other axis, axis 2.

Do this successively till you reach the bottom.

Once you have the upper section of the ball, you can use the mirror pattern to create a mirror image of the ball representing the mirrored half of the ball.

With these few simple steps, you can now be able to create your own golf ball of your desired size. SOLIDWORKS makes modelling of complex shapes quite easy.