Misalignment mate feature a great tool in SOLIDWORKS 2018

SOLIDWORKS 2018 introduces improvements to its mate features inside SOLIDWORKS assembly, which helps the designer quickly and conveniently assemble the components making up a particular assembly.

A challenge presented in older versions of SOLIDWORKS is adding mates on surfaces that are hidden. With SOLIDWORKS 2018 superior mate capabilities, you can now temporarily hide faces to access the surface you require and perform a quick mate onto the desired surface.

We can quickly secure the top surface of the burner onto the cooker surface by clicking on the mate command and pressing the alt key while selecting the surface we require to hide.

All of this work is done within the mate command, which makes it simpler to use. You can then click on the surface you would want to secure the mate to, and SOLIDWORKS automatically puts your part in place.

Sometimes when working with components that were created using different units, compatibility during an assembly is very difficult. Mates that allow variation in the degree of the mate become very useful in situations such as these.

The misalignment mate feature in SOLIDWORKS 2018 helps designers create and control the degree of misalignment between incompatible mating parts, which would otherwise be quite tedious to do. The addition of concentric mates to misaligned parts was not possible in previous versions of SOLIDWORKS

Now for such cases, you can simply click on the misalignment mate under the concentric mate feature and specify the degree of misalignment. This is an incredibly easy way to fix that previous issue.

The feature manager tree displays full information about the misaligned mate allowing the designer to know details of the misalignment, which can also be useful.


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