Metaworks SW-Solidworks Sheetmetal Solution for Nesting

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There are plenty of things to be proud of in the Solidworks community, but the real beacon of light in the industry is the Solidworks Partner program. The beauty of the program lies in how hardware and software can be added to your SOLIDWORKS to enhance the usability and Automation
SOLIDWORKS users have seen real, tangible benefits from the integrated Partner Products. This means real savings in time and cost during product development cycles.
For an example, here is FastTrack, and how the integrated product helps automate the manufacturing process.
The secret is batch processing. The SolidWorks assemblies and sub-assemblies gather the important information for sheet metal processing. The entire process is programmed with parts and loaded for batch processing. This means moving from small, individual steps and processes into a single, unified click via the MetaWorks-SW. This saves time in more than just steps; it virtually eliminates the chance of human error. All of the part information is in the Solid Works file – there is no need to reprogram or change information.

Those who are looking to integrate 3rd party products or 3D CAD will find no equal. Solidworks has partner products for industries such as manufacturing and hardware vendors with all industries in between. Each of the products and programs are tested and retested for the end user. This translates into a smooth integration, experience and partnership.
Cloud and cloud-based computing seems to be the wave of the future, and there are software companies moving to cloud-only options. SolidWorks is well aware of cloud and cloud computing. It is only a matter of time before SolidWorks and their partners move to the Cloud. It will be a daunting task, but one that will be met head on with a strong leadership from SolidWorks and the backing of equally strong partnerships in the industry.
After 20 years in manufacturing and the cad cam industry, I chuckle when the inevitable chatter of Cloud solutions for the CAM industry start. Australia is a modern, thriving, well-developed first world country, but for some of the professionals who depend on our products and software, Cloud-based systems are simply out of their reach currently. It is common to get a “new” computer that is several years old and rather outdated. Before Cloud meets CAM, more and different factors must be taken into account for the continued success of the industry.

Stalin D’Souza
Serving the CADCAM industry in Australia and New Zealand