Metacam tool collection

Creating and managing punch tool collections

A punch tool collection is a subset of tools from the entire tool library, and you can designate a particular tool collection be used for tooling up a part.

The Tools/Configuration/Punch Tool Collections brings up the Punch Tool Collections list (See the figure below) where you can create, rename, delete or edit the tool collections.

You can add tools from the tool inventory to the collection, by selecting the tool list on the right, and then clicking on the Add button (or pressing Alt + A).

You can also drag a tool over to add it. Similarly, you can remove tools from the tool collection by selecting the tool in the list on the left, and clicking on the Remove button (or pressing Alt + R).

Tool Collections are only lists of tools gathered from the tool inventory. The tools still reside in the tool inventory, and if you remove a tool from the tool inventory, the tool will disappear from all collections as well.

A tool can be part of two or more collections.

Synchronizing tool collections

Tool collections can also be exported through the config.sync file and synchronized to other computers on the network. To do this, choose Tools/Configuration/Export and turn on the Tool Collections switch.

It is recommended to also export the Tool Libraries when you do this, so that the tools referenced in the tool collection get exported out correctly as well.


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