MBD (Model Based Definition)

As manufacturers look to optimize the way they work with their suppliers, SolidWorks 2016 introduces many new enhancements in model based definition. Dimension creation is now quicker and easier by simply selecting edges rather than multiple surfaces basic dimensions can now be created manually giving you the freedom to find the ideal tolerance zone.


Image 1

Positioning your offset holes like these are now much easier as you can automatically snap dimensions into horizontal or vertical alignment letting you focus on the model.


Image 2

In a surface like this it is often necessary to define the size and position of components.


In solidworks 2016 you can fully dimension the assembly by using the dimxpert. Adding the intelligence to solidworks 2016 which was previously available only for parts. The visual response in datum reference and coordinate systems helps engineering manufacture, and inspection as it quickly identifies tolerance zone.


Image 3

Using the new dimxpert you can a basic dimension between these two matching holes by simply selecting the hole edges and snapping the dimension to the front.


Image 4

Image 5

3-D views are a great way to capture configurations such as this exploded view or this hidden line representation of the model.


Execution of basic dimension tool is shown.


Image 6

Image 7

Image 8

Exploded view of model.


Image 9

Image 10

Image 11

Publishing to 3-D pdf is also much improved in addition to standard 3D views thumbnails ad textboxes the template editor now lets you use your solidworks tables and title box to quickly and easily populate the pdf with custom properties or standard norms.


Image 12

It is also now possible to have multi-sheet pdfs, the second sheet can include multiple independent 3D views to have further clarification and understanding of the product by downstream consumers.


A BOM table can be easily snapped into the bottom of the page, and the template can be saved away for future use.


Publishing the design to pdf is easy, simply select the template from the drop down list and select the 3D views you wish to output.


Image 13

Image 14

Independent viewpoint lets you select 3d views for 2nd sheet.


Pdfs are now clearer to understand, graphics in pdfs are now of better quality. Decals and textures are now supported.


On sheet two, the 3D view can be manipulated and changed.


Image 15

All these enhancements lets you quickly communicate with downstream manufacturing operations.


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