Mate Controller in Solidworks -2016

Often times, assembly has a lot of moving parts and it becomes difficult to apply mates to them.


Image 1

This gets true especially when you move farther away from the fixed part.


Image 2

You can create configurations to apply different mates, but managing these can become a bit tedious.


Solidworks 2016 addresses these challenges by introducing the mate controller.


Lets look at how it works:


First you gather all the mates you want to control.


Image 3

The supported mates are angle, distance, limit angle, limit distance, slot and width.


Image 4

These mates in this assembly have been named to make it easier to recognize.


Image 5

The last mate in the list is the limit mate.


Once you gather the mate, you start to position the home assembly.


In this example we have already created the positions.


Image 6

We have a home position.


Then we position the robot over the object.


Image 7

Then down to pick it up.


Image 8

Then close the jaw and lift the object.


Image 9

Let’s add some more positions to place the object.


These positions can be given descriptive names if you want.


Image 10

And then you start to manipulate individual mates to position the assembly.


When the parts of the assembly are manipulated, you can update or save that position.


Next, we will lower to arm to where object will be placed.


Image 11

If these mates are unlocked, the arm can be moved on screen.


Image 12

Image 13

Then twist the forearm and position the wrist.


Adding another position so that the gripper can be opened to release the object.


Finally return to the home position and create a final assembly position.


Now as we have all the positions of the assembly, we can easily switch the position, but it doesn’t stop there solidworks 2016, gives you a transition from position to position to give you a complete understanding of the assembly motion.


To make communication between others easier, these can be saved in .avi extension and can be directly opened using any media player, without the use of solidworks.


Image 14

If you have photoview 360 loaded, this can be rendered as well.


To take things to the next level, this can also be transferred to solidworks animation, where you can apply motors and run simulations.


Image 15


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