Lofted boss/base in solidworks

The lofted boss/base feature in solidworks is one in which is used to make complex shape which the extrude boss/bass, revolve boss/base cannot produce.

The shapes made by this feature cannot be made on a single plane because of the complex geometry of the components.

lofted boss in solidworks

Give the required dimention of the component with the smart dimension tool.

Next we create more plane on the workspace to achieve the total length of the fuselage .

After making the planes to the required distances need we then start drawing the shape of the components on the various plane we have made to result as that of the image below .

lofted boss in solidworks

The next step we would take is locating the loft boss/base feature button which could be found on the top menu bar.

lofted boss in solidworks

After selecting the feature the property menu of the loft boss opens on the left hand side of the workspace.

lofted boss in solidworks

The first profile available is the geometry profile which allows us to select the part we would like to join in the software.

While second bock indicates the production of making a loft boss with the use of a path to get a specific design in your model .

So clicking on the first box and selecting the circles we have created then we a similar image as that of the one below.

lofted boss in solidworks

The green dots on each point on the circle is used to adjust the design of the loft boss between the two points.

After accepting the features and editing the appearance of the above model we would have our final product as
The complete fuselage of a glider.

lofted boss in solidworks


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