Installing SolidWorks Visualise Standard

Active subscription Customers who currently have SolidWorks Professional or SolidWorks Premium are entitled to SolidWorks Visualise Standard as part of the package.

During the Setup for SolidWorks Visualise, customers will be asked to input a Serial Number for activation.
This Serial Number can be found in SolidWorks “Help” > “About SOLIDWORKS”
Please note that only the entitled SW licences can activate SW Visualise.

Activation requires an Internet connection. When activation finishes, an Internet connection is no longer required, but recommended.

Licenses that are issued as part of a SOLIDWORKS CAD Professional or Premium subscription expire with the expiration of the subscription service and need to be reactivated after this date.


Deactivation –

After activation, you can deactivate a license using Tools > Deactivate in SOLIDWORKS
Visualize. The deactivation process requires an Internet connection. This frees up the
seat that is bound to the SOLIDWORKS serial number and you can use it to activate
SOLIDWORKS Visualize on another computer.
For further assistance please contact
NCCS SolidWorks Reseller AUS