Inserting a contain area inside Camworks

Insert Contain areas feature inside CAMWorks allows designers specify limits of a certain milling operation. Contain areas can be added to rough milling operations and also contour mills.

This helps avoid milling areas that are not required to be milled. It makes it easy to specify limits of milling operations thus reducing machine idle time. Contain areas are basically the exact opposite of avoid areas.

Rather than specifying the area we want to keep out off, the contain area feature lets us specify the area to keep in.

Let’s create a simple part in SolidWorks and show that we can create this contain area feature. Say we modelled the part below, quite similar to the one on inserting avoid areas. Using the example on avoid areas is recommended.

Say we now wanted to get rid of the clamp seating. All we need to do is add a contain area onto our previous part. We do this by first copying the rough and contour mill operations like so.

We can copy the operations by dragging them downwards while pressing the control key. Next get rid of the avoid areas under these operations.

Next, right click on each operation plan and select new contain area.


The insert contain area procedure is quite similar to that for inserting avoid areas. Click on the sketches of the clamps to define our contain area, then click okay.


We can then copy these contain areas on the other operations. Once we do this, we can go ahead and generate the tool path and subsequently simulate it.

We will notice that the contour and rough mill will get constrained on the contain area.