INDUSTRY DESCRIPTION • The broad classification of Industrial Equipment includes the following major segments:

  • Industrial Manufacturing Machinery (including Packaging Machinery)
  • Heavy Mobile Machinery and Equipment
  • Installed Equipment
  • Mechanical Power Equipment and Products
  • Fabricated Metal Products
  • Components are typically prismatic and there are usually a significant number of moving parts and mechanisms.
  • Traditionally this type of design was done in 2D CAD.
  • An important distinction for machines is the difference between custom and production machines. Production machines oft en require more thorough design for manufacturing techniques whereas custom machines require


  • Increase in orders for custom machines
  • Modular machines which can upgrade to newer technology or be re-purposed for different missions.
  • Equipment leasing becoming a popular alternative to purchasing.
  • Cyclical Industry
  • Global Competition
  • Fluctuations in raw material costs adds increased complexity to the bidding process
  • Tremendous pressure on cost reduction for product development as well as product operation.


  • Requirements Analysis & Conceptual Design-Solidworks Premium
  • Understand customer requirements-Contact NCCS Solidworks Sales specialist
  • Understand market requirements (production machinery)
  • Find similar designs
  • Confirm understanding with high-end graphics –Solidworks Photo view 360
  • Product Design- Solidworks Standard
  • Assembly and product design- Solidworks Standard
  • Interference checks
  • Simulate performance
  • Component Selection
  • Identify and leverage standard components, when possible
  • Manufacturing , Assembly and test
  • Order critical components for on-time assembly
  • Document manufacturing process fl ow and assembly instructions
  • Document Management and Tracking
  • End user manual and maintenance documentation (production machines)
  • Engineering drawings and field

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