How to use SOLIDWORKS Instant3D – Part 2

Previously, you learned about the functionality and features that can be created like extruded boss and extruded cut using SOLIDWORKS Instant3D. Here, other features supported by Instant3D and modifying features which are not discussed in the part 1 will be explained.

  • To create extruded boss with midplane.

SOLIDWORKS Instant3D – Part 2

You can create an extruded boss/base if you select the entity in the sketch contour then press M on your keyboard while dragging the pointer. It doesn’t matter if you select the sketch on the area that touches the faces or not because it will only create an extruded boss/base.

  • To snap the extruded boss/base and cut to a face.

SOLIDWORKS Instant3D – Part 2

Same method as you create an extruded boss/base and cut using Instant3D, but when you drag the pointer, you can snap to a face or vertex to set your desired feature size. You can do this by pressing the Alt key on your keyboard while holding the pointer then hover it over to the face that you want to snap. You will see a dashed line if you successfully snap the feature to the face before you release the pointer or handle.

You can also modify existing features while the Instant3D is enabled. You can drag the pointer when you selected a face or you can drag the handle in the dimension. You may notice that some features are not supported or constrained. If the feature cannot be modified, either the handle or pointer turns black or it will show a cancel icon when you drag it.

You can do the following to modify features using Instant3D:

  • Drag the pointer by selecting a face.

SOLIDWORKS Instant3D – Part 2

You can modify a feature by dragging the dimension handle or pointer to offset and translate the faces.

  • Drag the dimension handle of an angle to rotate the face.

SOLIDWORKS Instant3D – Part 2

You can only do this if you have a dimension for the angle otherwise you will not see a dimension handle to drag it.

  • Drag the triad center to copy a feature.

SOLIDWORKS Instant3D – Part 2

As you select a feature, a triad will be shown. You can select the center of triad and press the Ctrl key on your keyboard while dragging it.

There are still more features that can be modified and created using Instant3D in SOLIDWORKS like copying a fillet to another edge, edit a sketch, weldments, editing in your assemblies and more.



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