How to use patterns feature in SolidWorks?

Pattern repeats the selected features in an array based on a seed feature in SolidWorks. You can create a linear pattern, a circular pattern, a curve driven pattern, a fill pattern, or use sketch points or table coordinates to create the pattern in SolidWorks.

Create a sketch and extrude it to get a similar solid.
image 1

Edit a face with the sketch that needs to be patterned,
image 2

Go to features-> Extrude Cut and cut a part of the box to make a feature which will be patterned.


image 3


image 4

Next go to features-> linear pattern
image 5

This is the linear pattern tool,
There are two direction to pattern a face/feature.
The X-axis and the Y-axis.

image 12
Enter the values to direction 1. This will create a 1-D pattern along the X-axis.
image 9

1-D pattern along the X-axis.
image 8

Now enter the values to direction 2. This will complete the linear pattern along y-axis.
image 9image 10

Linear pattern of selected faces and features is complete.
Application:  used while designing breadboards. Or whenever the number of similar features required is more than 2, linear pattern feature is used.
image 11image 10
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