How to assemble different parts in SolidWorks?

Let’s start by opening SolidWorks -> new assembly.

Assembly feature is used to join different parts and this step comes under few of the final steps in product designing.

image 1

When SolidWorks is opened in assembly mode, the first component inserted will be fixed to its location.


So select the first component accordingly.

To insert a component into assembly, click on ‘browse’ a window will pop up. Select the parts to be inserted. Click ok.

image 2

In this assembly, we will insert the stock first, as it is fixed therefore the central or the most bulky part is usually preferred to insert first.


image 3

After you have selected the part, double click anywhere on the screen to insert the part.


Click insert to insert the part matching the origin of part and the assembly.


image 4

Inserted stock in the assembly.

image 5

Next, insert the second part in your assembly.

Similarly insert all other parts and now the parts are ready to be joined to form the required product.


Now the part which was inserted after the fixed part is able to move anywhere, so, we are gonna have to fix it to its correct position, for that in SolidWorks, we use mate feature.


image 6

image 7

First mate we will apply is coincident mate, we are going to select the indicated surfaces.


image 8

TIP: to easily select the surfaces, click the scroll wheel of your mouse and drag it around, this will make all parts move irrespective of their position, which makes it easier to mate them.

To star mating surfaces, go to mate, property manager will open.

location of mate feature.


image 9

image 10

Select the faces, and then click on coincident.

Click ok.

Next, mate the indicated faces as coincident,

image 11

The parts have been assembled.

image 12

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