How to use featureXpert in SolidWorks.

FeatureXpert comes under SolidWorks Intelligent Feature Technology (SWIFT™), this features helps you with your draft design as well as fillet application in your model.


Sometimes after basic modelling, to remove all the sharp edges of you part, applying manual fillet gives an error or applying draft manually might give some errors. To check this, solidworks developed featureXpert which intelligently manages the radius and the position of fillets and drafts.


When you add or make changes to constant radius fillets and neutral plane drafts that cause rebuild errors, the What’s Wrong dialog appears with a description of the error. Click FeatureXpert in the dialog to run the FeatureXpert to attempt to fix the error.


The FeatureXpert can change the feature order in the FeatureManager design tree or adjust the tangent properties so a part successfully rebuilds. The FeatureXpert can also, to a lesser extent, repair reference planes that have lost references.


Step by step guide on how to use featureXpert feature in SolidWorks:


Image 1


This part modelled by using tools like extrude, extrude cut etc. will be used as a specimen in this illustration.


Image 2


Let’s first understand why to use this tool instead of using manual fillet.


Click on fillet tool, this property manager for fillet will pop up.


Select constant radius enter the value of radius as 2.


Select the faces you want fillet to be applied to. In this example we will select all the faces.


Image 3


After selecting the faces and setting the value as 2mm, click ok. As this was a manual fillet, solidworks software will not apply any algorithm to solve the errors.


In this case due to geometry there is an error.


SolidWorks itself will tell you to correct this error using featureXpert.


Image 4


Click on featureXpert to remove the errors.


Image 5


FeatureXpert understands the geometry of the model, considering all the errors.


This is why it will take some time, and progress bar will be shown, wait for it to complete.


Image 6


Fillets applied using featureXpert.


On the applied features menu, you will see 10 fillets that were applied.


Image 7


Now we will use featureXpert to apply draft to selected faces of our part.


Set the value of draft angle as 1degree.


Image 8


Neutral plane is the plane from which the angle will be measured.


The neutral plane will be set as the reference.


Next, go to neutral plane option, and click on the “+” in the design area, select top plane as the reference plane.


Image 9

Select the faces to apply draft to these faces

Image 10


Now select auto paint on the draft analysis tab.


Image 11


Next, click ok.


Image 12


This is the final view of our part which was applied with fillets and drafts using featureXpert.


Image 13


Great thing about featureXpert is that it automatically adjust the previous use of featureXpert.


Image 14


In this example, fillets were applied first, but after the application of draft, fillet radius is changed in some places of the part, this change is automatically corrected when using featureXpert.

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