How to save 3D pdf in Solidworks

One of the most underutilised feature in Solidworks is the Save as 3D PDF options, some new  users don’t even know it exists. Solidworks is all about communication and this could be an important tool to communicate with your customers. It is simple and can be opened by everyone using Adobe PDF reader .
3D pdf works for both parts and assemblies , and supports Solidworks  custom appearances . The process to save a 3D pdf is simple  . Go to file Save as and look for Adobe portable document format.
Couple of things need to be aware of though, before you click on Save button , click option Button make  sure relevant options are ticked for best results.



Also Make sure ( Important) the 3D pdf option is ticked. If this option is Not ticked Solidworks saves as normal 2D PDF.


Solidworks can also open the Saved 3D PDF file automatically once saved. Communication cant be as simple as this , Your clients can Rotate, Pan , Zoom in and out also can make comments or approve designs , this can be very useful when communicating.

3D Image

Watch the video here to know How to save 3D pdf in Solidworks