How to Measure a Surface Area, Volume or Mass in SolidWorks?

Sometimes it’s necessary to measure the surface area, volume or mass of a product. For example, in order to calculate the amount of paint it’s useful to know the surface area.


We all know how to measure the surface area of a simple shape like a cube.


But when it comes to complicated parts, it becomes nearly impossible to manually determine these parameters.


Or perhaps you’ve designed a bottle and want to know what the volume is. Or you want to measure and reduce the weight of your newest carbon race wheel. Luckily SolidWorks has a useful tool to calculate material properties like


Image 1


Let us take this citrus squeezer as an example, this part was designed in SolidWorks and will now be used to calculate parameters like volume, surface area, center of mass, etc.


Go to Tools > Mass properties


In the Mass properties box you can find many material properties.


The surface area of the squeezer is 40091 mm2 as you can see in the orange rectangle.


Image 2

Convert square millimeter to square meter,mm2 into m2. (Or place the decimal 6 steps to the left.)

40091 mm2 = 0.04 m2

The surface area of your squeezer is approximately around 0.04 m2.


As you can see in the Mass Properties box in SolidWorks, the volume of our model is 169301 mm3

Image 3

Convert cubic millimeter to cubic meter, mm3 into m3. (Or place the decimal 6 steps to the left.)


169301 mm3= 0.00017 m3


The volume of your squeezer is approximately around 0.00017 m3.

You can also see the Mass of your model. It’s important to setup a material first to get the right properties.


Another great value is the “Center of mass”


This information will tell you where the center of your product is.

Center of mass: (millimeters )

X = 0.00

Y = 204.73

Z = 0.00

The information above tells you that the center of your product is 204,73 mm above the origin of this part.

Image 4

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