How to get SOLIDWORKS 2017 BETA

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Good news! Solidworks 2017 is around the corner and have released a BETA Program for customers who are under subscription.

If you choose to participate in the program, you can get exclusive access to:

• Test-drive new & enhanced products • Connect with the community • Interact with the R&D and management teams • Show off your skills - over 100 prizes!

  How to get access to Solidworks 2017 Beta 1. Click here to Log in 2. The link takes you to the Customer Portal ‘My Profile’. Click on the ‘Notify me for Beta Programs’ check box. 3. If you do not have a My Solidworks ID, you can create one here Solidworks Beta 1017

          4. You can download the Beta Installer here and select the Version 2017. solidworks beta 2017.

  5. By default, the Beta installation does not overwrite or upgrade existing production installations of Solidworks products.But do make sure that you don’t overwritten your production files or existing production installation of SOLIDWORKS. Please refer to the Beta FAQ for more information.