How to fix missing references in a solidworks model?

Missing references in SolidWorks are parts which are removed/moved to some other location/ renamed from the computer’s hard disk.
When an entity used as a reference in a feature is missing, a ghost of the missing reference appears in the graphics area, and a warning message appears in the Property Manager.
Ghosting is supported for parts and assemblies.
The ghost appears in the same location with the same size, shape, and type as the original reference. For example, a planar face is represented by a planar ghost.
To set the ghosting color, click Options > System Options > Colors. Under Color scheme settings, click Selected Item Missing Reference.
Step by Step guide to remove missing references in SolidWorks.
Image 1
First, let us consider missing geometries in 2-D drawings.
In drawing, if there is a missing geometry, a big dotted ‘x’ appears.
Image 2
To solve this, go to file-> find references.
A dialog box will pop up.
Image 3
This box suggests us that combinedassem is missing.
Next, double click on the missing part, a dialog box will pop up, that box will ask you to relocate the missing file.
Image 4
Select the missing part and then click open.
Image 5
After clicking open, we will see that the missing part is no more a ‘ghost’.
Image 6
Image 7
The green representation suggests that the missing reference has been fixed.
Image 8
After the reference has been fixed, open the part again in drawing and now you will not see the ‘x’ mark, instead you will see the drawing which was expected.
Now, let’s fix the missing geometry in assembly instead of drawing. When we open an assembly with missing references, it does not show ‘x’ mark like in the case of drawing.
Image 9
Image 10
Instead in assembly it suppresses the part which has missing geometry
Parts shown in grey are suppressed.
Image 11
Image 12
To repair the missing part, go to file->find references,
Image 13
Do the same process as done in drawing, relocate the missing reference and open the part and then save it to save the newly relocated part.
Image 14
Fixed missing reference in assembly.
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