How to engrave 3-D text on a sphere in SolidWorks?

Create a new part in SolidWorks

Create a sphere:
Front plane -> sketch
image 1

Create this sketch which will be revolved to complete a sphere.

Go to features, revolve-> select the central axis and sketch to create a sphere


image 2

image 3

This sphere will be used as a base. The steps behind this technique include, Creating another sphere with larger radius using offset. Writing the text on a reference plane at some distance from the sphere, projecting the text on the sphere.


image 4

To offset this sphere use offset sphere, which can be accessed by surfaces-> offset surface.


image 5

Enter the offset length. This length will be the length of 3-D text.
image 6

Next, create a reference plane parallel to front plane
image 7

Edit this plane and type the text which will be converted to 3-D.
Sketch tools-> text.
image 8

This is text pattern manager enter the text here adjust font, font size position etc.
Click ok.
image 9

text to be converted.
image 10

image 11

This text is on the created reference plane, next we will project this text to the offset surface of the sphere.

To project this text, use split line in SoliWorks.
image 12

Select the text and face to project the text using split line feature in SolidWorks.
image 13

Delete unwanted faces by using delete command.
image 14

image 15

Select the faces to delete as shown.Delete face property manager.Ensure that the delete option is checked.


image 16

image 17

All we have to do now is thicken, the undeleted faces.
To thicken the surface, go to feature->thicken.
image 18

image 19

Select the face and click ok.
Similarly, select all the faces to create the 3-d text.
image 20

image 21

2-D text has been converted to 3-D.
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