How to create tools using Metacam

Create tools by drawing their shapes. Though it is commonly used to create irregular shaped tools, it also be used to create the popular shaped tools. Design the tool shapes you want to create tools for, as closed polylines. If these are regular tool shapes (circle, rectangle etc), they don’t need any centre point marker. If the tool shapes are irregular, a point entity is needed to mark the centre point of the tool.

After creating the tool drawings, click on the Make Tools from Drawing button to open the Import Tools from Drawing dialog.

Enter the different parameters and click Import to create the tool and import it into the selected tooling system. If the operation is successful, then the status bar will indicate the message “1 tool(s) created”. If the tool could not be created, the status bar will indicate “0 tool(s) created”.

In the Import Tools from drawing dialog, the bottom part contains inputs that are similar to those in the Tool Editor dialog; see the section on Tool Library for more information on these inputs. The other inputs near the top control how MetaCAM creates new tools from the drawing.

Import tools into this Tooling System: Choose the tooling system into which the created tools will be placed.

Create tools from all/selected polylines: Choose whether all polylines in the drawing are used to make tools, or only selected polylines.

Don’t create duplicate if similar tool already exists in library: MetaCAM first checks if a similarly shaped tool exists already in the tool library.

Create multiple-hole tools using all polylines:
This option is enabled only if you have a drawing that has multiple closed polylines, but only a single point entity, indicating the punch centre. In this case, you can create a tool that punches multiple holes in a single shot.

Range: Based on the tooling system selected for import, tools can be grouped in ranges depending upon their size.
Key/Slot angles: Some tools have keys, while tools of other tooling systems have slots. (These are matched by corresponding slots or keys in the turret stations). Use these input boxes to enter the keys and slot angles available for this tool (separated by commas).

Station Affinity: If there is a preferred station in which this tool should be mounted, you can enter the station number here. If MetaCAM auto-mounts this tool into the turret, it will try to mount it in this station, if the station is empty.

Attributes: Turn on the special attributes required for this tool (like Nibbling, Slitting etc)

Tool name:

Other Settings:
These will differ depending upon the tooling system selected to import into, and should be entered accordingly.


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