The hole wizard is a feature on solidworks used to make standard holes on components.

This feature makes it easy to make large amount of holes on a part comparing to making holes by using the extrude cut feature, also using this feature would make the use of the toolbox components in assembly section very effective when assembling your system.

How to use the hole wizard

The hole wizard can be used in 2D and 3D.

Hole wizard in two dimension

First you have to create your component in the workspace. Then select the face you want to create the hole on for example.

hole wizard in solidworks

After selecting the surface, we click on the hole wizard feature on the top menu bar.

hole wizard in solidworks

Clicking on it would open its properties on the left menu bar, in the property bar you can find the different types of holes inbuilt in solidworks.

hole wizard in solidworks

After selecting the hole of your choosing, next is to select the type of hole standard you would be using which is just below the hole type property.
hole wizard in solidworks

Next is selecting the hole size, depth and angle if needed under the specification and condition in the property bar.

hole wizard in solidworks

Scrolling back to the top of the property bar, two tabs are available the first the type which has the above features we selected above and second position.

hole wizard in solidworks

The position tab is used to determine the position of the holes on the surface we selected Clicking on the surface we selected again would activate this feature.

Multiple hole can be made by left clicking on a point of the surface to produce a similar image as the figure below.
hole wizard in solidworks

This hole can also me moved by just moving the center point to a new position.

Hole wizard in three dimension

The process is similar to that of two dimensional but we would be making changes only in the position tab in the property menu.

After selecting the similar or new feature in the type of hole tab, click on the position tab before clicking on the surface select the 3D sketch button.
hole wizard in solidworks

This would allow you place a hole in any position of your 3D model and also shows a preview of the how the hole would look.


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