HOLE Feature in SolidWorks

Hole creates various types of hole features in the model. You place a hole and set a depth on a planar face. You can specify its location by dimensioning it afterwards.


First, create a rectangle and extrude it using extrude feature.


image 1


Go to features-> Hole Wizard


image 2

A property manager will open, notice we have two type of tabs, one for the type of hole and other for the position of hole. We will begin with type.

When we scroll across the type, at first glimpse it looks to be overwhelming, let’s begin with hole type:


image 3

In SolidWorks 2014, SolidWorks updates these 9 graphics, before these were 2D pictures.

select the type of hole that you want to create, for now Let’s select counterbore. and select Standard as ANSI Metric. These standards are defined measurements of holes which are accepted worldwide for the sake of Interchangeability.

image 4

Select the type of fastener as “Hex head select screw”


Right below this, under hole specifications we need to choose the Hole size and we are going to select M30.


And then we have the options for fit.
There are 3 classes of fit. We are going to select normal which is a class II fit.

image 5

Now, let’s switch over to the position tab,
Click on the face on which you want the holes.
image 6

Select different points, and then apply geometric Constraints using smart dimensions.


image 7

image 8

image 9

image 10

Do not make any changes to the profile of hole. This sketch is worldwide accepted Standard.

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