Design and engineering consulting firms can take advantage of emerging opportunities for business and revenue growth by implementing integrated simulation technologies. In response to a challenging economic climate, more and more manufacturers seek engineering service providers to help them evaluate design performance, as well as consult on other facets of product development and manufacturing. With integrated SolidWorks Simulation software, you can position your consultancy to reap the rewards of this trend, securing valuable customer partnerships and improving your operations at the same time.



Simulation consulting a growing opportunity – 

We live in a world of growing specialization, and nowhere has this fact become more apparent than in the field of product development. Manufacturers of all sizes need to develop more innovative, higher quality products, and bring these products to market more quickly than competitors, to succeed under today’s difficult economic conditions. Achieving these goals becomes particularly challenging because companies also face pressure to meet these objectives while controlling or cutting costs.

Virtual prototyping represents a better business model – 

Physical prototyping and testing are done to determine if a design will perform as intended. Of course, every time that a prototype fails, additional time and money are spent to determine what went wrong and to test another prototype. This can result in additional pass-through costs and client relations problems for engineering consultants.


By implementing SolidWorks Simulation solutions, you can position yourself to capitalize on emerging opportunities, grow your consultancy, and improve your operations. With a low TCO and fast ROI, SolidWorks Simulation is especially well-suited for helping consulting firms implement an integrated simulation strategy that expands your services offering, extends your capabilities, enhances your professionalism, streamlines your communications, while retaining valuable employees. It can also help you increase revenue, control costs, and maximize profits at the same time. Compatible with a market of 1.4 million SolidWorks software users, SolidWorks Simulation provides you with a timely chance to grow your business.