Flatten Surface

Many industries have requirement of designing flat surface of complex geometries.


For example, this complex surface.


Image 1

The flatten surface feature was introduced in solidworks 2015. Solidworks 2016 introduces many new improvements in this feature. Solidworks 2016 is by far the version which has got many new features as well as new up gradations on the old ones.


Image 2To start this feature, go to the top tool pallet in surfaces tab, and click on “surface flatten”.


Image 3

This menu is to select different options for flattening the surface.


Select the face on which flatten surface will be added.


Then select the edge to restrain the surface into limits.


Image 4

Arrow represents the surface on which flattening will be performed.


Image 5

Selecting the edge to restrain the surface will generate a preview.


Solidworks 2016 has introduced an update in this feature, now you can remove holes from flattened surface by selecting its geometry.


Image 6

To select the geometry of hole, right click on free graphics area and click on lasso tool, select the complex geometry of hole from this tool.


Image 7

Simple geometries like curved or straight lines can be manually selected.


This will put a ‘through’ hole in flattened geometry as shown in the preview.


Problem in forming flattened surface is that stresses are introduced in forming complex geometries.


Image 8

These stresses are easily identified using deformation plot, which highlights both surfaces in tension as well as compressed surfaces.


These areas can cause problems, such as distortions and the air bubbles on the final surface.


To fix this, go to edit feature.


Image 9

Image 10

This new feature called ‘relief cuts’ this provides the geometry with cuts to relieve the excess stresses on the flattened part.


Image 11

After relief cuts are applied, stress distribution is uniform.


you can export the model to DXF/DWG.


Image 12

Right click on part and click on export.


Image 13

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