Exploded view in SolidWorks

You can create an exploded drawing view from an existing exploded assembly view in SolidWorks. The actual view is a model view, usually in the isometric orientation.


Sharing your design using exploded view is the one and only tool which will help the user to understand how the assembly has been made.


This tool puts SolidWorks in the best designing software charts.


The usage of this tool is pretty easy, and can be varied to increase its grasp.

You can simply set the exploded view, or you can animate it.


Let’s get to the step by step text tutorial.


Image 1

We are going to take this assembly as our example to understand the tool.


Image 2

Go to tools-> then click on Exploded view.


Image 3

This is the menu of exploded view tool.


Image 4

Go to settings in this menu and select different groups of parts which are same in movement.


For example all nuts in a face can be selected as one group as they are all removed perpendicular to that plane.


Image 5

For instance, we have selected all the rubber stoppers of the base.

Next, using the origin tool, you can drag the parts out of the assembly to form exploded view.

Similarly, continue this process for all parts in the assembly.

Image 6

This picture depicts the movement of rubber stoppers by dragging them.

Image 7Selecting different groups.

Image 8

Selecting all screws in the same plane as one group and de-assembling them.

Image 9

Selecting button of the joystick as a different group.


TIP: exploded view tool is easy to implement, the only thing to note in this tool is the selection of various parts to group them. You should always select parts with similar movement.

Image 10

Selecting the middle body as a different group.

Image 11

Final model representing the exploded view.

Image 12

Go to configuration manager. To save this exploded view.

Image 13

This side bar shows different configurations of your model, select exploded view to view the model in the recently created exploded form.


Image 14

This is the view when you right click on the exploded view and click on disable option.


Image 15

Image 16

To view the exploded part, right click on expview1 and click on explode.

Exploded view in SolidWorks, is used when you need to explain the geometry of the assembly.

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